New Trailer Warranties

Having complete and protective trailer warranties is crucial when you’re making a purchase. At the Trailer Company, we understand the value of your time and your cargo.

All new trailers for sale which are sold by The Trailer Company – Smiths Falls are backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. All used trailers are sold as is/no warranty.

Our trailer manufacturers are top of the line, members of NATM, the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers. You can view each manufacturers’ warranty information and procedures below.


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Warranty Coverage for piece of mind

As you look for a trailer which is a large investment, the quality of the trailer and the dealer you purchase it from should be one of your largest considerations. At THE TRAILER COMPANY we strive to work with quality manufacturers that will stand behind the product they build if a problem arises.

We want you to have the peace of mind that you purchased a trailer that was built by a company that stands behind their product and from a dealer that will stand with you to make sure the warranty is looked after.

We have outlined the basic coverages below from each of the manufacturers we represent so you can compare and if you have any questions you can speak with one of our team to give you more information.

Regular Maintenance

A good warranty from the manufacturer is one thing but doesn’t replace the need for regular maintenance of your trailer.

With anything that has moving parts it is money well spent to have your trailer inspected each year.

Most trailer warranty policies require you to keep your unit in well-maintained condition, ideally through regular service from an authorized technician.

Warranty Service Requests

To file a warranty claim, please contact “The Trailer Company – Smiths Falls” first. We can advise you on the process for submitting a claim to the manufacturer. Alternately, check your trailer warranty certificate for policy details and other information.

Even if you didn't buy your trailer from us initially, there's a good chance we can do the work in our facility and help you navigate the claims process.

To get started, reach out to our service department by phone, or use the form on this page to get in touch.

Trailer Warranties


Warranty-Card-10-2010.pdf ( (please visit this website for more information)

WARRANTY PERIOD: 2 Years. Warranty, including, but not limited to, defects on the main body structural components of Neo’s trailers. Main body structural components or aluminum framed products including the frame, roof structure and perimeter wall structure.

This structural warranty will cover such failures of major body panels.


Owners Manual WLFL1293 (

Weberlane Mfg. (1990) Co. warrants only the Original Consumer Purchaser for a period of 1 year on all Weberlane trailers, that the entire trailer will by fully free of substantial defects in materials and workmanship attributable to Weberlane Mfg.


Warranty | DiscoveryTrailers


Discovery Trailers warrants to the original owner that your trailer will be free from structural defects in materials and workmanship for period of 1 or 3 years from retail purchase providing all conditions have been met. The warranty obligation consists of and is limited to repairing and replacing any part, or parts, which in the opinion of the factory are defective under normal use during the 1 or 3 year period, starting at the date of retail purchase.


  • Windows
  • Electrical Components
  • Paint & Undercoat
  • Doors
  • Plumbing Components
  • Seals & Sealants
  • Locks
  • Aluminum Components
  • Exterior Corrosion


CargoWarranty.pdf (

warrants only the ORIGINAL CONSUMER PURCHASER for a period of one to five (1-5) years depending on brand & model from the date of purchase (Warranty Period) that the body structure of this Cargo Trailer shall be free of substantial defects in materials and workmanship attributable to Warrantor. See the accompanying chart for the specific warranty term for each brand & model.


Warranty - Cargo Express

Three Year Warranty:

A three-year limited warranty is available on the following steel framed product models, and their variants: EX, XL Series SE, AX, Denali, XL Yukon, AX Aluminum Snowmobile.

This limited warranty is limited to the overall frame structure and associated frame components which includes: main rails, crossmembers, vertical posts, roof bows, tongue, A-frame, door frame, coupler, headers, and welds.

One Year Warranty:

A one-year limited warranty is available on the following product model and its variants: EXE. This limited warranty is limited to the overall frame structure and associated frame components and includes: main rails, crossmembers, vertical posts, roof bows, tongue, A-frame, door frame, coupler, headers, and welds

One Year Warranty on other Aspects on Cargo Express Trailers:

Regardless of the product model, the warranty is limited to one year for the windows, doors, aluminum, plastics or TPO products, plumbing, cabinets, trim, electrical, stoneguard, floor coverings, sealants, improper application of paint or undercoat, and lights. Aftermarket products installed or applied by Manufacturer are excluded from this warranty but may be warranted by the applicable supplier.


The original purchaser must complete and return the warranty card provided with the product to the manufacturer within 30 days of purchase, or submit the warranty card information online , or this limited warranty will be null and void.

In addition to validating your warranty coverage, returning the registration card or submitting information online will allow Manufacturer to provide you with notice of any condition Manufacturer may need to supply after you have purchased the product.


5 year warranty for any manufacturer defects


This one (1) year warranty covers the main frame, ramps, cross members, railing, and sub-frame only. Normal wear items will not be replaced due to wear. These normal wear items include but are not limited too: flooring, paint, brake lining(s), bearings, seals, and hoses. All auxiliary parts such as brakes, couplers, jacks, wheels, bearings, tires, axle beams, suspension, lights, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic power units, batteries and controls may be covered by the warranty of their manufacturer.

Canada Trailers may agree to cover the parts and labour on defective parts within the first 90 days of customer purchase, however Canada Trailers reserves the right to refusal if they deem the claim unacceptable. After 90 days and before 365 days Canada Trailers may agree to replace defective parts, but not labour costs associated with replacement, however Canada Trailers reserves the right to refusal if they deem the claim unacceptable.

Regarding all paint claims, paint is not covered under warranty where it has been damaged by stones or regular use. After 365 days of customers purchase date, Canada Trailers warranty has expired.


Need to get


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3 YEAR LIMITED FRAME WARRANTY For purposes of this limited warranty, a (“Frame Defect”) shall mean a defect in the main steel frame, any steel members welded to it, the studs and framing in the walls, or roof members, any of which cause the trailer to be unfit or unsafe for general use as a trailer under “NORMAL” operating conditions. If the trailer is rented out or used for commercial purposes, the frame warranty will only be valid for one (1) year. 1 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY Materials or workmanship not including “Frame Defect” shall be covered for a period of one (1) year. If such parts or components carry their own individual warranty provided by its manufacturer and /or distributor (“Component Manufacturer”), this will replace the Cross warranty. Such additional warranties by the Component Manufacturer are hereby assigned to the purchaser, to the extent permitted by the Component Manufacturer

Lippert Axles

  • 6 Year Warranty – Spring Axles
  • 1 Year Warranty – Torsion Axles

Each new trailer for sale will come with a warranty registration certificate. You must mail this out within 10 days after purchase to ensure you do not void your warranty. Specific items covered by warranties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it’s important not to make any assumptions, and warranty length typically ranges from between one and five years. Warranty trailer service and trailer repair are offered at either the manufacturer’s location, or a qualified repair shop or dealer, and the appropriate approval and arrangements must be made before repair work is undertaken.

For any questions on the trailer warranties offered on the new trailers for sale at The Trailer Company, simply give us a call at (613) 283-4466 or click below to fill out our online warranty form and we will contact you.


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